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Get Ahead of the Competition: 5 Signs You Should Partner with a Marketing Agency

20 March 2023

As a business owner, you believe in your company. You put effort into creating and selling your product or service, but marketing it can be a completely different challenge. If you’re a small business, you likely started small with your marketing efforts. Organic social media and other free marketing tools are great ways to market your service or product when you’re just starting out. However, if your company has expanded to the extent that you can no longer keep track of your social media engagement rate or other essential KPIs, it may be time to look into hiring a marketing agency. 

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a marketing agency, including cost, the potential return on investment, and the agency’s area of expertise. If you prefer to use one marketing medium or platform over the others, for instance, you may want to seek out an agency with freelancers and other experts on that platform.

Some marketing agencies, like Lunix Creative, specialize in Website design and development, Social Media Management and Online Advertising.

Others have experts in SEO or particular social media platforms, and the best marketing agencies have a variety of experts in different areas of marketing.

Before choosing a marketing agency, though, it’s important to decide whether you actually need a marketing agency for your company. Start out by creating a marketing budget, plan, and goals and identifying which marketing mediums are best for your target audience. Even if you have already determined a budget and a marketing plan, you may still benefit from a marketing agency.

Read on to find out more about whether a marketing agency is right for you.

You’re Lacking Certain Skills

There’s no doubt that you’re an excellent business owner, but unfortunately, you can’t be a great business owner, marketing manager, graphic designer, copywriter, and social media marketer.

You may be lacking skills in graphic design, videography, or social media marketing, and as a busy working person, you won’t be able to pursue degrees in all of these areas.

Fortunately, there are plenty of skilled freelancers and business people who specialize in those areas, and a marketing agency curates them for you. A marketing agency ensures you won’t have to do everything on your own.

The Hiring Process Feels Endless

It can be very rewarding to build your own team of creative freelancers and other employees, but it can also be time-consuming.

You need to handle that important meeting with a promising client—not skip lunch so you can conduct job interviews. It’s important to connect with your employees personally, but if you’re looking to hire a whole team of creatives, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Furthermore, if you’re not skilled in graphic design or copywriting, it can be challenging to identify which styles and artists best suit your company’s brand. A marketing agency handles that work for you.

You Need to Cut Your Marketing Budget

In addition to the hiring process, freelancers, managers, and other marketing employees are expensive. Freelancers have the ability to set their own rates, so it can be difficult to budget for them and even more difficult to determine if you’re getting your money’s worth out of a creative professional. Marketing agencies typically cost less and hire freelancers who have a variety of degrees and experiences—all at no extra cost to you.

Your Marketing Results Have Stagnated—or Grown Exponentially

If your social media posts aren’t receiving any likes and your company’s website isn’t generating traffic and sales, it may be time to think outside of the box. Conversely, if views on one of your social media platforms have suddenly gone up and you can’t identify the source of the sudden influx, you may want to seek out a marketing agency and social media professionals who are trained to both track and generate social traffic using influencers, tags, and analytics software.

Your Company Has Grown Beyond You

Another advantage of a marketing agency is the unique set of tools and software that they offer. From social media influencer tracking to SEO software and website analytics, marketing agencies have access to tools that would be far too costly and extensive for one company to manage. If you have more than one website or multiple sources of revenue, using a market agency and employing analytics software could be especially helpful. It will also give you and your employees more time and space for projects that they truly care about. 


Marketing agencies are no longer exclusive to large corporations. They can be surprisingly beneficial for small businesses, especially those that are growing quickly.

You may be looking to hire an agency that includes graphic designers, copywriters, and other carefully curated freelancers, or you aim to achieve better organization and analysis of your marketing data.

Whatever your business goals, the best marketing agencies will help you achieve them at a price that’s affordable for businesses like yours.

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