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11 Critical Elements Every Website Must Have

26 October 2022
Critical Elements Website Must Have

The most important website elements to consider when building your web presence are content, design, navigation, and On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Without a website, people might wonder about your company's legitimacy. A website makes a great first impression and reassures customers that you are a real business.

Here, we list out important elements a website should have:


A headline is a very fundamental element as it gives the very first impression to your audience to make them scroll your website to the end.

Use headlines or headings to organize your content and make your CTA clear and easy to find.


Sub-headline should supplement the headline by offering a brief description of what you do or what you offer.

A subhead is also to capture their attention. It can discuss the advantages of using the product or service. It can also help to clarify the headline. Most importantly, a subheading will help convince readers to take action.

Primary Calls-To-Action

The goal of the website is to get actions from the visitors. Put clear instructions on what they need to do after reading your content.

A call-to-action (CTA) is an element that encourages people to take action. Usually, it will appear as a button, link, image, or text. CTAs help users to complete tasks quickly and easily by directing them to the next step in the process.

As CTA is fundamental, make sure the button color is visually striking, if possible, contrasts with the color scheme of your homepage.

Supporting Image

Most people are visual. As it can help people to illustrate, make sure to put some images or even a short video that indicates what you offer.

Image is an effective way to communicate with visitors because they make people more likely to trust them. Research shows that when people see photos of other people interacting with products, they are more likely to buy those products than when they see just words.

Also, consider using supporting images to help users understand what your text means. It will improve user engagement and retention.


Customers want to know how your products will help them solve problems at work, in their activities, or daily lives.

Your potential customer will put their money and trust in your company.

It is now time to provide them with concrete solutions.

It is not just important to tell people what you do, but why what you do matters to them.

Social Proof

Social proof is the most powerful way to build trust. You can say that your products or services are the best in the world, but without some reviews, it may be hard for people to believe your product.


Every website has a different style of navigation.

When it comes to designing a website, easy navigation is of the utmost importance. It is pointless to have a beautiful website if your visitors cannot use it and navigate around it to find all the valuable information they want. Navigation is the process by which you explore and move around a website.

Make sure to have a clear path for the user to navigate on your website to ease their experience.

Keeping things simple and obvious will keep your customers and visitors happy and returning for more. Make sure your visitors discover the information they need as quickly as possible without digging through heaps of extra knowledge.

Content Offer

A content offer is a foundational piece of an inbound program that works to attract interest, convert interested users into leads, and nurture leads into sales opportunities.

In simple terms, content offer plays a role in generating even more leads.

Secondary Calls-To-Action

While providing a primary call-to-action button, people may not be keen on clicking it. So, having another CTA button may help them to make such a decision.

In short, a secondary calls-to-action button is an additional effort to convert a visitor into a customer. Also, it develops an interest for them to make conversion action.

The good thing about secondary calls-to-action is that it enables the visitor to perform conversion action if the primary calls-to-action does not inspire them to do so.


Having good products or services does not mean that the visitors know what they are looking for. Thus, to make your products stand out among competitors, make sure to detail the description of your products.

Success Indicators

People know that you provide such a product/ service for them, but what is the result? Who has been using it? What is their feedback? This information must be shown in a simple form, such as a picture or infographic.

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